First Time Homebuyers

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3 Big Expenses to Budget for Before Buying A House

  Prepare for buying a home by not just saving for a down payment, closing costs, and bills. There are a couple of other big expense items you want to be able to buy after moving in and paying for the essentials. Here are the three: Maintenance and repairs  Being a homeowner means you are now responsible for the maintenance of your house. Maintenance is crucial because it helps avoid those...

When It’s Time to Be a Homeowner

Maybe you're ready to settle down in your city, or perhaps you want to invest in a property that will pay for itself. Either way, if you're thinking about becoming a homeowner, then read on to see if you qualify!  1. You have a good credit score. A credit score over 600 is a sign you might be ready to be a homeowner. This is the last item lenders look at when you get pre-approved for a loan....

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Living in the City vs. Living in the Suburbs: Where Should You Live?

Austin is a unique city that poses a good problem for its residents -- choosing where to live! The city itself is vibrant and eclectic, but with so many booming suburbs with varying commute times into the city, it can be hard to narrow down where you want to live. If you find yourself debating where you should live, check out some of the important factors to consider when living in the city vs. living in...

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How to Win in Multiple Offer Situations Without Paying the Highest Price

In real estate, it’s often you’ll hear things like, “it’s a hot market,” “we’re seeing low inventory,” and “buyers are receiving multiple offers,” but what does that mean? Well, low inventory refers to the number of homes on the market, which can create a hot seller’s market if there are more buyers than sellers. This hot seller’s market makes buyers more competitive, and the...

From Leasing to Buying Austin Real Estate Sage Wilson Property Group

Financial Benefits to Stop Renting and Start Investing in a Home

Deciding to move from renting to buying a home in Austin is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. Leasing has come with many perks: less commitment, fewer responsibilities, easy to move around...the list goes on. However, renting a home has cost you more than you think. While the months of rent payments have bought you a laid back lifestyle, that money has been going into...

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