Steps to Selling Your Home for the Most Money Possible: Step 2 – Know Your Home’s Optimum Price

steps to selling your home for the most money possible sage wilson property group austin tx

As a continuation to our series that reviews easy steps to selling your home for the most money possible, we’re examining Step 2 and how it’s important to know and understand the dynamics that go into setting your home’s optimum price. Let’s take a look.

Listing and selling a home in a hot seller’s market lulls many homeowners to sleep, thinking they can list their home on their own for more money.

But that’s simply not the case.

Time and again, we’ve haggled with owners/sellers who want to under-price (yes, you read that right–UNDER-PRICE) their property. This is actually quite common in a strongly-appreciating market like Central Texas.

At Sage Wilson Property Group, we’re trained to understand the property’s true value. We look at similar sold homes, yes, but we also factor in things like repairs, improvements, staging, competing listings, and local neighborhood dynamics.

We don’t want our clients leaving ANY money on the table.

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