Brighten Up Your Home With These DIY Gardening Projects

Brighten Up Your Home With These DIY Gardening Projects - Sage Wilson Property Group

Now that temperatures are rising and spring has sprung, it’s time to garden. Bring your home to a whole new level this summer with some incredible DIY gardening projects. With these projects, your creativity will come into play, so don’t be afraid to jump in and get your hands dirty!

Flowing Water Features

One of our favorite ways to add beauty to an outdoor space is through water features. Trickling water, the calming sound of birdsong, and stunning stonework on a water feature can elevate your backyard and create a tranquil space for you to enjoy outdoors. You can easily create a bubbling stone fountain with two small planters and some pebbles. Or, if still water is more appealing, invest in a large flower pot and some beautiful aquatic plants to rest in the water. 

Hollow Log Planter

We adore the idea of upcycling and utilizing sustainable materials in our gardening. That’s why we suggest creating a planter out of a hollowed-out tree log. Not only is it an excellent place to grow flowers or smaller plants, but it’s a unique element that will enhance the value of your property. A tree log planter will set your home garden apart from the rest.

Wooden Pallet Uses

Every DIY gardener almost always has a half dozen wooden pallets in their toolbelt. This wood can be used for nearly anything, especially in your home garden. A beautiful DIY garden path, a box garden for your freshly grown herbs, or even a wooden cover for your outdoor A/C unit. Hint: if you design it right, you can even have vines climbing up your wooden cover to beautify this space.

However you plan to upscale, upcycle, and upgrade your home garden, these DIY gardening projects will set your home apart from the rest. If you have any questions about more home improvement projects or would like to find a dream home to place some roots in, contact us today.

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