3 Big Expenses to Budget for Before Buying A House

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Prepare for buying a home by not just saving for a down payment, closing costs, and bills. There are a couple of other big expense items you want to be able to buy after moving in and paying for the essentials. Here are the three:

Maintenance and repairs 

Being a homeowner means you are now responsible for the maintenance of your house. Maintenance is crucial because it helps avoid those bigger, costlier problems later on. If this is your first home and you’ve relied on landlords or apartment maintenance to fix your issues before, this will be a new experience.

Plan to spend 1% of your home’s value on maintenance and repair every year. While that amount may vary, you’ll be grateful to have that money saved. 

Outdoor work

The advantage or disadvantage of being a homeowner, depending on how you look at it, is the ability to customize and personalize your outdoor space. Even if you have a small outdoor area, it will still require upkeep. Lawn mowing, gardening, and gutter cleaning are a few examples of outdoor tasks that need to be completed. These items add up, so it’s good to be prepared. 

Sometimes, homeowners associations have rules regarding exterior maintenance, so you’ll have to follow them, too. Maintaining your curb appeal is just as important as managing your interior. 


It’s very likely you’ll need new furniture for your new home. Renting furniture or living in an empty home until you have enough saved are options that may not be attractive or realistic. So, start a furnishing fund when you’re preparing to purchase your home so you’ll have the money to use after you buy. 

By budgeting for these expenses, closing costs, and a down payment, you’re financially ready to buy a house! Reach out to us today to turn those finances into a tangible home. 


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