Living in the City vs. Living in the Suburbs: Where Should You Live?

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Austin is a unique city that poses a good problem for its residents — choosing where to live! The city itself is vibrant and eclectic, but with so many booming suburbs with varying commute times into the city, it can be hard to narrow down where you want to live. If you find yourself debating where you should live, check out some of the important factors to consider when living in the city vs. living in the suburbs.

Commute Times

Traffic is a growing concern for anyone living near Austin, so it’s important to consider commute times. How far are you willing to drive to and from work? How far are you willing to drive for groceries, restaurants, entertainment spots, etc.?

Also, consider if you have a reliable means of transportation. If you find yourself having trouble turning your car over in the morning, it may be beneficial to live closer to the city, where you’re never far from a public transportation stop and amenities that you can walk to.

Living Space and Life Plans

People who purchase a home tend to live in that home for five to seven years, and it’s likely that your needs and wants will change in that time. Do you plan to start a family and need to be a part of the best school district in the area? Will you be the caretaker of a parent or grandparent in the coming years and need land to expand your home for a mother-in-law suite? Are you planning on having a few pets that will need a large yard to run around in?

You’re likely to find larger homes with more acreage in the suburbs and for a lower price tag than what you will find in the city. It’s important to weigh the costs, space, and the current and future needs you’ll have for your home.


Where do you like to spend your free time? What’s your definition of a fun night out? What are your hobbies? Contemplate if the suburbs have activities and attractions that appeal to you. If you like being within walking distance of concert venues, bars, and restaurants, the city may be better for you. If you love going on hikes and exploring trails, being close to local coffee shops, the suburbs may offer the perfect fit.

If you have more questions on the differences between living in the suburbs compared to the city, contact the Sage Wilson Property Group. We’re happy to walk you through what each Austin suburb has to offer in relation to the city and find you the perfect home to meet your needs. Meet and connect with our team today or fill out the contact form below if we can help:

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