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A Guide to Late Fees for Landlords

As a landlord and investor, you rely on your tenants to consistently pay you on time. It’s how you pay the bills, maintenance, repairs, etc. Creating a rule to implement late fees can be confusing regarding finer details like when the charge should take effect, how much to charge, and how long the grace period is. Keep reading because we’re going to answer those questions!  What Are Late...

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An Introduction to Home Improvement Loans, Part 2

Last blog post, we covered an introduction to home improvement loans, an FHA 203(K) loan, an FHA Title 1 Property Improvement Loan, and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. In this post, we’ll continue the conversation by discussing the four other options: Home Equity Loans (HEL), Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), Personal Loans, and Credit Cards.  Types of Home Improvement Loans Home...

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An Introduction to Home Improvement Loans

In today’s real estate market, where buyers compete with several other buyers, some are trying to get an edge by forfeiting the home inspection. This can be a problem if the home has structural damage, as the buyer wouldn’t know about it until later. Whether you’re a buyer or investor looking to improve your already existing property, here is an introduction to home improvement loans. We’ll cover...

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Austin Real Estate Investing Tips

Investing in real estate, especially in Austin, can be a smart decision, but you have to be prepared and ready for the changes that can hit the market. With the uncertain times that we face, it’s offered some opportunities for investors to find great homes in sought-after neighborhoods that they can renovate and market to renters. If you’re curious about what it takes to be an Austin real estate...

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Creative Ways to Buy Austin, TX Investment Property with Little Money Down

The phrase “buy investment property with no money down” is thrown around a lot. The truth is that “no money down” is very rare, and be wary of anyone who tells you differently. There are, however, creative ways to finance Austin, TX real estate investment property with very little money down. Let’s take a look: Live, then rent. With as little as 3.5% down, you can purchase a primary residence...

Austin Real Estate Investments of All Kinds

If you’re considering real estate investment, it’s important to begin by researching not only what the market looks like and what is needed to make a smart investment, but also the different types of real estate investment and what will work best for you. Just like any other investment, real estate has pros and cons and they vary depending on what type of investment opportunity you decide to dive...

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