Austin-Area Growth

Austin in Top Ten Most Favorable Areas for Millennials During the Pandemic

The pandemic had a significant impact on real estate and housing during 2020 and millennials had an impact. More people than ever worked from home (and continue to), which has led to increased demand for specific features in a home, such as a dedicated home office or gym. During the pandemic, we’ve also seen mortgage rates hover near historic lows, which has helped make houses more affordable.  The...

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The Effect of Businesses Relocating to Austin

During the pandemic, Elon Musk announced he’s bringing his businesses, Tesla, Space X, and the Boring Company, to Austin. Oracle recently announced they’re relocating their headquarters to Oracle as well. Dropbox’s CEO also announced plans to move to Austin. Some have labeled it as a “tech exodus” from the Bay area.  Austin is not only a popular location for new businesses, but current...

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Living in the City vs. Living in the Suburbs: Where Should You Live?

Austin is a unique city that poses a good problem for its residents -- choosing where to live! The city itself is vibrant and eclectic, but with so many booming suburbs with varying commute times into the city, it can be hard to narrow down where you want to live. If you find yourself debating where you should live, check out some of the important factors to consider when living in the city vs. living in...

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Over 1 Million Residents and Counting

Texas was already home to 3 cities with over 1 million residents, but that number has grown to 4 cities with a booming population. Austin has officially joined the ranks of its larger counterparts - Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio - as one of only 11 cities with at least 1 million residents. The City of Austin has released new data that estimates 1,003,615 people are residing within the city as of...

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2020 Construction Plans for Austin

2020 has come with several ups and downs as well as changes to industries, schools, and cities. But Austin isn’t new to change. In fact, we see it regularly in the evolving skyline, the new businesses opening their doors, the new developments hitting the news, and the construction sounds that surround us. It’s almost guaranteed that we will continue to experience growth for quite some time, especially...

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Predicted Growth in South Austin

With new businesses coming to Austin and the surrounding areas, as well as existing offices expanding and searching for larger spaces to hold their growing teams, the population and demand for residences are climbing in numbers. There aren’t many places that have been left untouched by the recent boom, but there are some areas that may be seeing the increase in people flocking to their neighborhoods...

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