Predicted Growth in South Austin

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With new businesses coming to Austin and the surrounding areas, as well as existing offices expanding and searching for larger spaces to hold their growing teams, the population and demand for residences are climbing in numbers. There aren’t many places that have been left untouched by the recent boom, but there are some areas that may be seeing the increase in people flocking to their neighborhoods more than others.

South Austin, for example, is one of those areas that’s been steadily developing, but it hasn’t had the dramatic changes that many Austin neighborhoods have. While South Congress and streets heading closer to downtown are gaining new developments, renewing of old structures, and a growing list of businesses, hotels, and residences opening up, areas south of Ben White Blvd. still have a lot of potential. 

In fact, there’s still land available for new projects and some redevelopment opportunities. Depending on what you’re looking for, South Austin may not only be a great place to put down roots, but it could be a great place to start your business or dive into real estate investment opportunities. 

With established residential neighborhoods, more affordable housing options, and streets that are less congested, South Austin is a great option for professionals looking to escape the downtown traffic and home prices, yet still have a reasonable commute into the office. 

South Austin also offers many of the same amenities that make Downtown Austin an attractive place to live. From great dining options, a thriving music scene, and a “keep Austin weird” mentality, the culture is similar to what draws in residents and tourists to our city year after year. 

The social and job opportunities are abundant in South Austin and as we see the I-35 corridor develop into established communities and neighborhoods, South Austin will soon be an area experiencing unlimited growth.

If you’re curious about what South Austin has to offer and are considering moving, contact Sage Wilson Property Group. We’re happy to give you more insight into the area and how we see it changing in the coming years. Don’t miss out on becoming a part of an eclectic, fun, and welcoming South Austin community!

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