10 Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Value

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Whether you’re selling your home (now is the time to do it!) or want to increase your home’s value, these affordable and easy tips will make your home look brand new without breaking the bank! 

  1. Increase Your Greens

Curb appeal says a lot about your home, and landscaping is a huge factor! It’s the first thing buyers see, so it’s essential to leave a good impression. Spend a little to get a lot by landscaping the front. You can make it cheap and fun by putting some good old fashion blood, sweat, and tears into your front garden. A well-maintained yard is appealing to the eye. 

  1. Fix The Simple Fixes

Small things like fixing what’s broken or not working add up over time, and buyers will notice. So repairing the quick fixes and adding some color is the most cost-effective and will go a long way for your property’s most optimal value. 

  1. Be Clean and Pleasant

Cleaning, decluttering, and a pleasant scent will transform a room. People are more likely to find a clean and open space more appealing, so you’ll get more buyers and offers. 

  1. Repaint High-Traffic Areas

A fresh coat to hallways, the kitchen, bathrooms, and family rooms will add a new rejuvenated life to these areas. 

  1. Get a Property Inspection

Getting a property inspection is the best way to find out what needs improving and fixing in your house. Buyers will always want cosmetic changes to personalize it. Still, they don’t want to be buying a home with significant repair issues too. 

  1. Upgrade One Noticeable Thing 

Make an area stand out by changing a backsplash, painting it a new color, changing out hardware, or even cleaning and decluttering. These easy, low-cost projects make a difference and add value. 

  1. Optimize Lighting 

You want your home’s lighting to be bright and open, so make sure light bulbs are working. Take advantage of the natural lighting too! Don’t forget to clean the windows to make the sunlight brighter. 

  1. Ask Your Real Estate Agent for Recommendations

A beneficial perk of working with Sage Wilson is our knowledge of the market. With our expertise and experience, we know what home improvements you should do to increase your value. Have you read our latest blog where a seller remodeled his home instead of staging, and he got double the return on his investment? Read it here. (link to remodeling blog)

  1. Declutter and Organize

Let your home do the work and show its value by removing clutter and cleaning dirty surfaces. This can be a low-cost option if you want to do it yourself. If you’re not handy with cleaning supplies, it is worth hiring someone to create a clean and organized home. A professional will also be able to clean spots you might have missed yourself and help rid the house of any odors. Buyers notice everything!

  1. Stage Properly 

Staging works when you have an already great pace. Use a mirror to reflect more light, and reduce the clutter and personal items in your home. Put smaller furniture in a space to make the room appear bigger. 

These cost-effective tips will help increase your home value, which in return will increase the number of buyers and could create a price increase. Put your home’s best face forward to get the price you deserve! We’re here to make every part of your selling experience stress-free, so please reach out to our experienced, professional team anytime or fill out the contact form below:

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