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The Ultimate Kitchen Maintenance and Cleanliness Checklist - Sage Wilson Property Group

The Ultimate Kitchen Maintenance and Cleanliness Checklist

For many homeowners, their kitchen is their pride and joy. But it can be daunting to keep track of your kitchen maintenance. With this checklist, you don’t need to worry about missing tasks or neglecting the heart of your home. It’s all right here. Refrigerator Cleanliness Take time to wipe the inside and outside, sweep under and around the exterior, clean the coils, and check the door...

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An Introduction to Home Improvement Loans, Part 2

Last blog post, we covered an introduction to home improvement loans, an FHA 203(K) loan, an FHA Title 1 Property Improvement Loan, and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. In this post, we’ll continue the conversation by discussing the four other options: Home Equity Loans (HEL), Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), Personal Loans, and Credit Cards.  Types of Home Improvement Loans Home...

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An Introduction to Home Improvement Loans

In today’s real estate market, where buyers compete with several other buyers, some are trying to get an edge by forfeiting the home inspection. This can be a problem if the home has structural damage, as the buyer wouldn’t know about it until later. Whether you’re a buyer or investor looking to improve your already existing property, here is an introduction to home improvement loans. We’ll cover...

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10 Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re selling your home (now is the time to do it!) or want to increase your home’s value, these affordable and easy tips will make your home look brand new without breaking the bank!  Increase Your Greens Curb appeal says a lot about your home, and landscaping is a huge factor! It’s the first thing buyers see, so it’s essential to leave a good impression. Spend a little to get...

make small bathrooms feel spacious

Make Small Bathrooms Feel Spacious

Having functional bathrooms that don’t feel cramped and crowded is integral in every home, but that can often feel hard to master if your bathroom has an awkward layout or doesn’t have a lot of space to work with. Wondering what you can do to get the most out of the space you do have? We have a few tips to make sure your bathroom feels spacious and uses every inch in a smart and practical...

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