What Homeowner’s Insurance Covers During a Power Outage

We all survived the historic winter storm that wreaked havoc on our Lone Star State. Now, it’s time to recover and repair. If you’re filing a claim for the power outage using your homeowner’s insurance, here’s what it does and does not cover. Coverage will depend based on your policy details.

Frozen Pipes During a Power Outage

Severe weather and power outages can cause water to freeze in your home’s pipes. This can cause cracking, which leads to flood damage and expensive plumbing bills once the power is back. Since we’re not used to such drastic cold weather in Texas, our pipes are not insulated to be protected from extreme temperatures. This means our pipes would have frozen quickly. 

But this can work in Texas homeowners’ favor since frozen pipes are not a regular occurrence, so the claim has a higher chance of being approved. But, your insurance can still deny the request if your pipes were in poor condition due to age. Negligence could also be a reason to deny the claim if you shut off the power when leaving your home, causing the interior temperature to drop. 

Ruined Food From a Power Outage

With the power outage, some didn’t have power for several days for some, and those homeowners should throw everything in the refrigerator and freezer away. According to the Insurance Information Institute, most homeowners’ policies will cover reimbursement for food losses due to a power outage. It could also be an extra-cost add-on to your policy, so coverage will depend on your policy. 

But if ruined food is your only claim during a power outage, it’s not worth the time or money to file a claim. Most insurers cap the covered loss at $250 or $500, so anything under that amount means you’re covering the cost. 

Be aware of other claims you already made on your policy within the last year. Another claim could exceed your deductible. That’s why you should confer with your insurance agent before submitting a claim. 

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