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How To Save for a Down Payment as a Renter

If buying a home is one of your goals this year, we’ll tell you how to go from renter to homeowner. We’ll cover the factors you should consider before saving for a down payment and buying a home.  Factor #1: How Much to Save for a Down Payment? To buy a home and receive favorable financing, it’s best to put down a 20% down payment on the house you purchase. It helps reduce your loan...

2020 Renter Trends

We know that Austin is growing a lot, thanks to several businesses relocating and moving to Austin. And it turns out almost half of them are from out of state! StorageCafe, a nationwide self-storage website, analyzed nearly 2 million renter applications and found the following renter trends for 2020.  2020 Renter Trend #1: Renters Prefer Urban, Not Suburban Many reports were coming out last year that...

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