Steps to Selling Your Home for the Most Money Possible: Step 1 – Improve Your ROI

We’re excited to be starting a new series that reviews easy steps to ensure your home sells for more than you had ever imagined! Check out Step 1, and learn how you can optimize your home’s return on investment.

Step 1) PLAN. And Put Your Best Foot Forward to Improve Your ROI – Buyers are savvy. They have been exposed to years and years of HGTV, and their expectations of a home have grown. “Plopping” the home on the market without cleaning, decluttering, staging, and photographing professionally costs the seller both in the offer amount and the length of time the home spends on the market.

The real estate professionals with Sage Wilson Property Group (that’s us!) are able to provide essential guidance on make-ready, repairs, and renovations, and we’re also able to help you make your make-ready dollar go farther by helping the seller see what improvements will bring the best return. But that’s not all! In this market, we help our clients in so many other ways–think working in the yard (get that curb appeal!), helping pack (yes, really!), offering therapy (real estate is a jungle!), and holding everything together (because that’s just what we DO).

It’s common to sometimes feel “stuck” when you’re thinking about selling your home. Hear us out on this…After COVID, one of our clients knew she wanted to sell her home, but she had a hard time finding the necessary gusto to begin the process–prepping, repairing, you get the idea. We said, “No problemo! We’ll get you UNstuck.” And so we did. We coordinated painters, house cleaners, carpet installation, and so much more. At the end of it all, we helped that client sell her home for $300,000 MORE than what she had imagined. $300,000 is a life-changing amount. WOW.

And that isn’t an isolated case.

Helping our clients navigate complicated real estate transactions and improve their financial position is just what we do…because we LOVE our clients. It’s really that simple.

Stay tuned for Step 2 coming soon!

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