The Hottest Holiday Decor Trends of 2021

One Etsy trend expert predicted 2021’s holiday trends. She predicts the hottest holiday decor trends by analyzing Etsy shoppers’ search trends and purchasing patterns throughout the year. This year, she indicates that shoppers will support small businesses and sustainable products. Here are the holiday decor trends this year:

Neon, Pastel, and Jewel

Red, green, and blue are the classic Christmas and holiday decor colors, but they’re getting an upgrade! Neon, pastel, and jewel colors are trending. Etsy has seen a 228% increase in searches for custom or personalized neon signs. Colorful neon holiday decor is also trending. 

Vintage Brooches

Etsy shoppers want a vintage piece for their holiday decor looks this year, and they’re stocking up on brooches. Searches for vintage or antique brooches increased by 168% in the past three months compared to last year. 

Tablescaping Kits

Setting the table got a lot easier this holiday season when you buy a tablescaping kit. The kit comes with everything you need, like tablecloth, napkins, place cards, candles, and menus. Creative and design-driven shoppers want this Instagram-able holiday decor at their table this year.

Everything Checkerboard

Checkerboard is a trend that blew up in 2021, and it’s expected to continue this holiday season. One report found that searches for checkerboard prints, from beanies to butcher blocks and cutting boards to quilts, are up 37% and to keep increasing!

Multiplayer Activities

Most Americans have remained indoor throughout the pandemic, and many are logging off now. And it’s to be with others, whether it’s a DIY craft or game. Etsy reported a 1056% increase in searches for easy DIY kits and a 131% jump for checkers or chess boards. Outdoor blankets have also increased by 68% in the past few months. 

Hop onto these hottest holiday decor trends today by decorating your home! If you need help purchasing a home or staging a home this holiday season, contact us! Also, check out our “Free Download: Austin-Area Home Buyer’s Guide.”

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