Upgrades Homeowners Want Right Now in the Austin Area

The first anniversary is coming up! Anniversary of what, you may ask. The anniversary of people living and working from home thanks to a pandemic, of course. From this one year, real estate agents and home professionals have realized there’s a popular trend in what homeowners seek in a home now. So whether you’re selling your Austin-area home or looking for someone to occupy your property, consider these four desirable upgrades!

1. Storage Solutions

Storage has become a priority as homeowners work and live in the same area, so they want to contain the mess in storage. Some popular examples of storage solutions are home offices, kids spaces, and kitchens. Activities in each of these rooms require stuff and that stuff that needs to be stored, so upgrade each other these rooms to hold storage. 

2. Flexible Space Upgrades

Spaces really need to be flexible or multifunctional for home occupants since all their time is spent at home. Home spaces are no longer needing just one purpose. A guest bedroom can also be the home office, and the garage can also be a gym, and so on. You can even upgrade rooms that have extra space into flexible spaces by adding sliding pocket doors or a wall of built-in storage. 


3. Relaxing Escapes Upgrades

With the stress of the world we live in and no place to escape it, relaxing escapes are a desirable upgrade in Austin-area homes. Vacations have been put on hold, so homeowners are wanting to create a spa in their home instead. Popular spa amenities include soaking tubs, steam showers, and heated floors. This can also explain the increase in bathroom remodels.


4. Outdoor Living Upgrades 

Backyards have truly become an extension of the home this past year. There has been a demand for upgrades like outdoor kitchens, custom pools, pergolas, and built-in hot tubs. And with the rise of families moving to the suburbs where backyard space is abundant, it’s no surprise.


If you need help assessing if these are the right home upgrades for your Austin-area home, contact us today! Reach out to us anytime at info@sagewilson.com or (512) 828-7074.


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