5 Home Design Lessons We’ve Learned

A pandemic causing people to live and work from home for the last year has forced us to evaluate our homes and their layouts. These home designs are almost necessary to have in a living space now. 

1. Closed Floor Plans are Making a Comeback

While open floor plans were a popular layout, it’s now outdated when you live and work at home. Now, people want more privacy in their homes. Some people may still want an open kitchen, but there needs to be a balance with private rooms for a retreat. Such rooms like separate playrooms, a den, and a home office will be a high priority for 2021 buyers. 

2. The Home Office Isn’t Just a Bonus Anymore

A home office before the pandemic was a luxury and a bonus. Now, it is a necessity and top priority for most. It doesn’t have to be its own room, though. A dedicated area or wall space can serve as that workstation for most. 

3. Outdoor Space is a Must

Before 2020, a backyard, patio, or balcony was a luxury and perk too. But not now, it’s a necessity for entertaining and relaxing.

4. Good Air Quality is a Priority

 Many of us didn’t think about air quality before a virus transmittable via air took over the world. This invisible design prioritized last year, so air purifiers and HVAC systems will be necessary to 2021 buyers.

5. Easy to Clean Decor

2020 taught us how to clean and do it properly. But some fabrics and decor are more challenging to clean than others. In 2021, people will choose decor based on cleanability. 


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